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Sanwa MT-5 FH5 with RX493i receiver
Sanwa MT-5 FH5 with RX493i receiver
Sanwa MT-5 FH5 with RX493i receiver

Sanwa MT-5 FH5 with RX493i receiver


New Sanwa MT5 transmitter with RX493i waterproof receiver


RF ONLY compatible with FH5

  •      Response mode compatible with SUR, SSR, SHR, NOR
  •      SSL function CODE5/CODE10
  •      Quick setup wizard
  •      Fully adjustable trigger
  •      Adjustable throttle and steering tension
  •      INDICATOR FUNCTION can display receiver signal strength and packet delivery ratio
  •      Weight: 382g
  •      Power supply: AAA battery x 3

One of the outstanding features of MT-5 is the indicator function that can check the signal receiving condition with the use of RX-493i. The conditions can be used to check the device and the correct placement of the receiver.

Station for advanced users


• Large LCD screen
• Multifunction wheel for easy operation
• SUR, SSR, SHR modes
• FH5 transmission system
• MicroSD card slot
• Integrated handle
• Built-in internal antenna
• Adjustable throttle/brake lever
• Handle housing size S
• Receiver dust cover
• 3 AAA batteries
• Weight 382g

[Otras funciones]

• Dual rates [D/R] • Velocidad [SPEED]
• EXPO Curve [CURVA] • Fail Safe [F / S] • Base [BASE] • Hacia atrás [REV]
• Sub setting [SUB-T] • Ajuste de punto final [EPA] • Ajuste [TRIM]
• ABS brake [ALB] • Compensation [OFFSET] • Gas type [TH TYPE] • AUX [AUX]
• Step AUX [STEP AUX] • Point AUX [POINT AUX] • Four-wheel steering [4WS]
• Motor on axis [MOA] • AUX mix [AUX-MIX] • Código AUX [CODE AUX]
• Stopwatch [TIMER] • Lap time [LAP TIMER] • [INT TIMER] • Countdown [DOWN TIMER]
• Telemetry [TELEMETRÍA] · Datos de REGISTRO [DATOS DE REGISTRO] • Exportación [.CSV] • Lock function
• Telemetry settings [CONFIGURACIÓN DE TELEMETRÍA] • Visualización gráfica [CONFIGURACIÓN DE GRÁFICOS]
• Telemetry switch [INTERRUPTOR DE TELEMETRÍA] • Modelo [MODELO] • Selección de modelo [SELECCIÓN DE MODELO]
• Model name [MODEL NAME] • Copy models [MODEL COPY] • Delete models [MODEL CLEAR]
• Turn on [BIND] • Key assignment switch [KEY ASSIGN SW] • Key assignment setting [KEY ASSIGN TRIM]
• Custom menu [LISTA PERSONALIZADA] • AUX type [TIPO AUX] • Racing mode [MODO DE CARRERAS]
• Battery [BATERÍA] • Zumbador [BUZZER] • LED [LED]
• Compatible receivers: RX-491, RX-492, RX-493, RX-493i

[Características del receptor]

• 2.4GHz FH5 (SOUTH, SSL)
• 4 channels
• Input voltage 3.7-7.4V
• Dimensions 26x23.2x14 mm
• Weight 6.2g


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