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Buy an electric or gasoline radio control model

It is another of the great doubts when buying. Which model is better? One that is electric or one that is gasoline? As always, everything depends on the tastes of each one, but for those who are not clear, here we summarize a comparison of the main advantages and disadvantages of both electric and gasoline models.



- Good speed: Lately much progress has been made in batteries and electric motors, allowing very good performance, in some cases, even superior to gasoline.

- Less maintenance than gasoline: Cleaner

- Can not stall

- They do not make noise, which is why they allow us to roll in a wider range of hours than gasoline ones.

- It does not require great knowledge to start working, so it is quite suitable for those who start in the hobby.


- They work with batteries, which have a limited time of operation, until they are discharged; although it has been greatly improved and there are now very efficient battery packs. In addition, this is solved by having several.

- For some radio control enthusiasts, it is a modality that does not finish convincing precisely due to the lack of noise; it seems like "something is missing", the true essence of RC cars or models.



- For the enthusiasts that we have mentioned, the noise is a plus point; since the RC continues to be a hobby in the motor world.

- Superior durability in terms of running time: they use fuel and we can refuel as much as we want.

- They reach great speeds. In some of the track models they even have two speeds.


- You have to have certain knowledge, because they are more complex, starting with the engine.

- They are dirtier and require more maintenance work.

- The exhaust heats up, so there is a risk of burns if care is not taken when handling it after it has rolled.

- Can be pierced

- Noise; In addition to being a decisive factor for fans, it is also an inconvenience for those who are not such RC fans, so many times the schedule to be able to shoot on circuits is limited to certain time slots.

- Maintenance tasks can be more complex due to the components, such as the clutch system....

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