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2000 Jeep® Cherokee Body - .040"...
2000 Jeep® Cherokee Body - .040"...
2000 Jeep® Cherokee Body - .040"...
2000 Jeep® Cherokee Body - .040"...
2000 Jeep® Cherokee Body - .040"...
2000 Jeep® Cherokee Body - .040"...
2000 Jeep® Cherokee Body - .040"...
2000 Jeep® Cherokee Body - .040"...

2000 Jeep® Cherokee Body - .040" (Clear) - Complete

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2000 Jeep® Cherokee Body - .040" (Clear) - Full 324mm


Throughout the rich history surrounding the Jeep® brand, there have been several influential vehicles from the seven-slot stable, one of which is the Jeep® Cherokee (XJ). Possibly considered the beginning of the modern SUV, the XJ was first introduced in 1984 as one of the first small SUVs introduced to the US market, which continued until 2001. During its 17-year production run, the XJ was built on multiple continents. for the world. wide exposure, offered in a 2- or 4-door configuration, available in several different trim levels along with a 2- or 4-wheel drive. Under the hood three different engine options were presented consisting of 2.5L I4 AMC (125hp @ 5400rpm and 150lb/ft of torque at 3250rpm), 4.0L I6 OHC AMC (193hp @ 4600rpm and 231lb/ft of torque at 3000rpm), and a Euro spec single turbo diesel I4 OHV (114 hp at 3,900 rpm and 221 pound-feet at 2,000 rpm). In '97, the XJ received a facelift that updated the design tails focused on aerodynamics, body stiffness, styling, and the spare tire that was relocated from the rear bumper to the inside of the cabin. Stiffer uni-body construction produced improvements in noise and vibration cancellation, while aerodynamics improved engine efficiency.

From an off-road perspective, the XJ has proven to be a relatively inexpensive vehicle to purchase, making it a value-based build option capable of fitting into almost any type of budget. Their bones are strong thanks to a Quadra-Link suspension system and they mostly came with Dana 35 axles from the start, but there was a Dana 44 option between 87'-91'. Don't let its smaller size fool you, there's room for four passengers and room for days, making it a great expedition kit for friends and family to tag along with.

A variety of decals are included that allow you to customize the look of your very own Jeep ® Cherokee XJ. The decals are pre-cut and we've also included window masks for easy painting. The molded-in front grill assembly makes quick work of installing an LED light assembly and, along with the included headlight and turn signal lenses, gives you that extra detail you've come to expect with an Axial body. The main light buckets are designed for 5mm LED bulbs, while the turn signal buckets are designed for 3mm LED bulbs.

• Includes three different styles of realistic clear lenses: (4) rigid pods, (2) Jeep® Cherokee (XJ) headlight, (2) Jeep® Cherokee (XJ) turn signal.

• Four individual rigid LED lenses are compatible with AX31152

• Molded parts included: Cherokee grille assembly, mirrors, door handles, LED light retainers and rear license plate light housing kit

• JCR XJ rock sliders designed to mount directly to SCX10 II side plates (AX31385)

• Includes mounting hardware

• Chrome decals for side mirrors.

• Genuine axial part

NOTE: Prototype shown. Some images may differ from the actual product. Roof bar, light bar and red stripe not included.


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