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3D Wooden Puzzle - Crane
3D Wooden Puzzle - Crane
3D Wooden Puzzle - Crane
3D Wooden Puzzle - Crane
3D Wooden Puzzle - Crane
3D Wooden Puzzle - Crane

3D Wooden Puzzle - Crane


3D Wooden Puzzle - Crane

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  • Adhesive-free mounting
  • mechanical movement
  • Wood from sustainable sources
  • Recommended age +14 or younger with parental supervision.

Looks as Much Like a Real Crane as Possible

Crane from WoodTrick has a boom, cab, hoist mechanism, winch, hook on which you can hang the containers that come with it, and a mechanism by which you can rotate the crane around its axis. You can adjust the tilt of the crane's arm, turn it, and lift loads using handles that you only have to scroll. The containers that come in the set have doors that open. Also included in the set is a hook on which you can hook loads and special tongs.

Size: 313 x 570 x 230 mm.   

Crane is a customized wooden 3D model from WoodTrick. Get the most realistic experience of interacting with a crane from WoodTrick, watch all the gears work, and have a great time assembling the wooden model.

You can fully assemble the Crane in three and a half hours by following the picture instructions with each delivery set. Of course, you can invite your friends over to speed things up and have a great time together. By the way, the container has a hidden little motorcycle, so playing with the model will be even more fun! We make the parts for the construction kit from sanded plywood. It is not harmful to the environment or your health and is very pleasant to the touch. 

WoodTrick Crane is an unusual gift for people who are associated with the construction industry by profession or just like unusual equipment. Lovers of puzzles and jigsaw puzzles will also appreciate such a gift. Crane will be a great addition to any collection of wooden models!


Number of pieces
assembly time
3.5 hours
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